Valerie George - fifth District

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* Improving the quality of life for residents in New Castle County.

* Add universal design construction standards to the Unified Development Code (UDC).

* Engage the community in the Iron Hill Park to Glasgow Park Trail Project.

* Focus on meeting the needs of seniors in the 5th District.


* Develop a pilot program for Backyard Chickens for parcels under an acre. 

* Gather community input for the redesign of the Newark Free Library.

* Promote active pollinator programs.

Civic and Community Affiliations

I have served in the Civic Air Patrol and on the Delaware Academy of Science Board, Friends of Iron Hill, AFJROTC, and the PTA at Glasgow High School.  I am currently a member of the Pencader Heritage Area Association Board and the League of Woman Voters.  I am a Friend of the Newark Free Library and support our local artists.  I love gardening and sustainability and I am an advocate of regenerative farming and appropriate technologies.

I am a member and a supporter of many community groups that serve those who need assistance.  Some of my favorite places to volunteer include: 

Good Neighbors Home Repair

- 1 in 7B Foundation

- Paris Foundation

Food Bank of Delaware

- Pencader Heritage Museum Board

Friends of Newark Free Library

- League of Woman Voters