David B. Carter - sixth District 

David Carter was born and raised right here in New Castle County.  He grew up in New Castle and moved to the 6th District with his wife Marjorie nearly 2 decades ago. They live on a small preserved farm just outside of Townsend, where they enjoy the rural life unique to the 6th District as well as the many activities provided by nearby towns that bring us together as a community.  

He was part of the first generation in his family to attend college. At the University of Delaware he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, a Master Degree in Urban Affairs and Public Policy, and a Doctoral Degree in Public Policy and Administration.  

He is public servant, a teacher, and a community advocate.  He teaches public policy at the University of Delaware.  Prior to teaching, he devoted years to public service as an environmental manager at the DNREC. He has a long history of being a community advocate which includes serving as a volunteer on a host of civic and nonprofit boards and organizations devoted to the public interest.

I will use this experience to advocate for all residents in the 6th District and to make sure our County and Town governments work together so that necessary services are provided at less cost to taxpayers.

 As your Councilman, he will serve you by working to:

  • protect our open spaces, ensure responsible growth and development,
  • clean up our environment, address drainage problems affecting communities,
  • help maintenance corporations manage their community open space,
  • achieve fairness in our government programs,
  • solve traffic and transportation problems,
  • call out unethical actions by government officials,
  • ensure transparency, to keep our government officials honest, and
  • advocate on behalf of everyday people.

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