Workforce Housing Program

Workforce Housing

Program Information

The Workforce Housing Program is an initiative designed to provide an opportunity for middle income households to purchase or rent affordable new construction housing units in New Castle County.  This initiative does not use federal, state, or county funding to accomplish the goal of affordable housing for county residents.

Certain developments participate in the Workforce Housing Program.  There are certain lots within those developments that are specifically for income qualified buyers.  Only income qualified buyers can purchase a Workforce Housing home.  

For a list of RENTAL properties, please click HERE.
For a list of FOR SALE properties, click HERE.


You must income qualify based on household size to participate in the program.  For income limits, click HERE.  Rents and purchase prices are based on Area Median Income (AMI) and other housing costs. Monthly rents can start at $1,630+ for a 1BR apartment to $2,000+ for a 3 BR apartment or house.  Purchase prices start at $380k+ for town homes and $460k+ for single family detached.  


Purchasing a Workforce Housing unit

There are deed restrictions and a buyer’s agreement that impose restrictions on the home in order to ensure continued affordability during the affordability term. Those restrictions and agreements include but are not limited to:

  • Restrict the use of the home to owner occupancy during affordability period
  • Authorizing annual monitoring for compliance
  • Limit future sale prices of the home during affordability period to income eligible, qualified buyers

Because you agree to these restrictions, the builder offers additional incentives for participating in the program.  These incentives are only for income qualified households.  They vary from builder to builder and from person to person. Examples could be settlement assistance, a discounted sales price, or upgrades. Contact builder directly for Workforce Housing incentives available.  

Housing Counseling is a requirement and must be completed prior to settlement. See Homebuyer Counseling Agency List.

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