New Castle County Summer Camps

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New Castle County welcomes your children to our camps this summer! Our summer camps offer safe and inviting environments led by highly qualified and caring staff that ensure every child has a great experience. 

Our commitment to your children is to encourage their individual growth and learning through enjoyable, safe, and fun recreational experiences. From sports and swimming to arts and adventure, your children are encouraged to explore their creativity and are supported in developing new skills, making new friends, and having fun! 

This handbook serves as your guide to all aspects of our summer camp programs. You’ll find camps designed to engage all ages from your curious preschooler to your independent teen. We look forward to serving you and your children to make this summer an adventure to remember!

Camp Contacts 

For more information or questions about any of our camps please do not hesitate to call one of our offices below! Or visit us online at 

Recreation Camps

Recreation Camp Office


Recreation Camps Website

Sports Camps 

Sports Office  


Sports Camps Website

Art Camps

Art Studio 


Art Camps Website

Cooking Camps

Reader's Café, Route 9 Library302-395-8407 

Cooking Camps Website

Horseback Riding Camp

Carousel Park


Carousel Camps Website

Safety Town

Garfield Rec Center  


Safety Town Website