Probate & Non-Probate Forms

Form Description
Case Information Worksheet Probate Case Information Worksheet
Coversheet for Joint Affidavit  
Combined No Estate Tax Jointly Held Affidavit Fillable Combined jointly held Property/NETA
Combined No Estate Tax Jointly Held Affidavit SAMPLE  
Extension Request Form Request for additional time for filling of inventory and/or accounting
Fee Schedule  
Furnishing Death Certificate Used to furnish Death Certificate
Glossary of Terms  
Jointly Held Affidavit Fillable Used to clear real property held jointly with any individual by right of survivorship
Jointly Held Affidavit SAMPLE  
List of Documents for Opening Probate Opening Checklist
No Estate Tax Affidavit Form For deaths occurring between January 1, 1999 and December 31, 2017.  Used to clear husband and wife real estate and jointly owned real estate by right survivorship.  Also, this affidavit will serve as your tax clearance on all probated estates where filing of the Federal Estate is NOT needed.

NOTE: If any property is held by right of survivorship, a jointly owned affidavit must accompany this form.
No Estate Tax Affidavit Form SAMPLE  
Opening Petition Form Used to open estates.
Opening Petition Sample  
Power of Attorney Form Personal Representative is an out-of-state resident
Probate Instructions  
Statement of Claims Form NC.4 Used by creditors to file claims against estates
Renunciation Fillable Used to renounce your right to serve as personal representative of an estate
Request for Document Form Used for requesting copies of documents
Small Estate Affidavit Request Form - Fillable Information on Small Estate Affidavits may be obtained by contacting the Register of Wills Office.
Small Estate Affidavit Request Form -  SAMPLE  
Small Estate Affidavit Checklist  
Termination of Life Estate Form  
Trust Inquiry Form To be completed and filled with accompanying opening documents on probated estates where the decedent had a Last Will and Testament in place

Inventory Forms

Form Description
Inventory Form Inventory of assets for probated estate
Inventory Form pdf (non-fillable)  
Inventory Form SAMPLE  
Inventory Form Instructions  

Accounting Forms

Form Description
Accounting Form Accounting Form for probated estate
Accounting Form pdf (non-fillable)  
Accounting Form SAMPLE  
Beneficiary Waiver Form NC2 Waiver for each Beneficiary
Beneficiary Waiver Sample NC2  
Commission Letter for Personal Representative Used to acknowledge receipt of commission
List of Beneficiaries Fillable NC5 Beneficiaries that are entitled to share in the distribution of the estate
List of Beneficiaries SAMPLE NC5  
List of Documents for Closing Probate Closing Checklist
Waiver for Incapacitated Beneficiaries NC3 Incapacity Beneficiaries entitled to share in the distribution of the estate
Waiver for Incapacity SAMPLE NC3