Recently Released White Papers & Reports 

  • Southern New Castle County Wastewater Plan: Septic systems work by utilizing the dilution qualities of rain water to convert urea and organic nitrogen in human waste to ammonia and ammonium for discharge to groundwater.  Septic systems usually last for about 20 years and can properly treat wastewater in rural areas provided these systems are situated on large lots (>2 acres) with permeable soils (>1 in/hr) and deep water table (> 10 ft) and are pumped out every 2 to 3 years by property owners. When septic systems are not installed and operated in accordance with these criteria, these systems can discharge high amounts of nitrogen (>10 mg/l) and contribute to surface and ground water pollution.
  • Use of On-Site Wastewater Treatment Systems in Southern New Castle County: This report is intended to supplement information being developed to assist the County in addressing on-site wastewater and disposal provisions as well as environmental and land use concerns regarding areas in southern New Castle County that are experiencing rapid development pressure.