Economic Development

Business Support: 

The New Castle County Office of Economic Development (OED) is especially focused on supporting its innovation ecosystem.  Top initiatives include prioritizing new job creation through entrepreneurship, startup companies, existing small businesses and providing a predictable land use planning process. The New Castle County Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Office focuses on identifying ready, willing, and able small and diverse businesses to compete for County contracts, based on new, higher bid thresholds. The SBE Office is just one example of New Castle County Government’s good faith efforts to support diverse business participation in contracting, and mirror the standards expected of organizations which seek to do business with New Castle County.

The OED actively collaborates with the Delaware Prosperity Partnership and State Division of Small Business to expedite the Request for Proposal (RFP) and planning processes for businesses considering relocation to Delaware. The goal of these partnerships is to develop an uncomplicated system that prioritizes business support. By being a small state, Delaware provides a tremendous advantage to growing businesses. New Castle County capitalizes on the ability to quickly communicate with elected officials and get the right people to the table to move projects forward.

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