Seasonal Programs

The Sports and Athletics Sections offers a variety of sports leagues and tournaments, camps, clinics, drop-in programs and special events.

Spring Season (March - May)

Spring Break Skateboarding Camp, Co-Rec Soccer League, Softball Leagues (Co-Rec, Men, Firefighters, Senior, and Women), Pre-Season Softball Tournament, Volleyball Leagues (Co-Rec and Women)

Summer Season (June - August)

HS Girls' Basketball League, Men's Basketball Leagues, Youth Basketball Leagues, HS Field Hockey League, HS 7v7 Football League, Soccer Leagues (Men, Over-35, Women), Co-Rec Volleyball Leagues, Full-Day All Sports Camps, Half-Day Sports Camps

Fall Season (September - November)

Football Leagues (Men's 7-Man No Contact, Women's, 9-Man Blocking), Soccer Leagues (Co-Rec, Men, Women's 7v7)

Winter Season (December - February)

Basketball Leagues (Men's 3v3, 5v5), Indoor Field Hockey Leagues (HS, Women, Youth), Indoor Soccer Leagues (Men, Women), Volleyball Leagues (Co-Rec, Women), Sports Clinics (Baseball, Field Hockey, Softball, Speed/Agility, Volleyball)