New Castle County Youth Workforce Development Program

Youth Workforce Development Program

What is the NCC Youth Workforce Development Program?

The New Castle County Youth Workforce Development Program (NCC YWDP) is a jobs program designed to engage low-income New Castle County residents, ages 14-21, in a productive employment program filled with work-based learning that helps to launch their careers.


  • Work-based learning experiences that will help prepare youth for the workforce. This, in turn, encourages workforce development in our communities.
  • Youth are exposed to the working world which enables them to learn about the variety of occupations available.
  • Youth are able to generate income and learn how to manage their finances.


  • Employers are provided the opportunity to mentor youth interested in acquiring new skills and experiences in the workforce.
  • Increase your organization’s workforce at NO COST to you, the employer.
  • Tap into the knowledge and skills of a younger, tech-savvy generation to help generate new ideas and processes.
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