Celebrate Black History Month


Join us for a fun hands-on celebration of African-American Innovators! History displays, live performances, and hands-on activities. Registration suggested. All ages. FREE

A Celebration of African-American Innovators
February 1, 10 a.m.
Walnut Street Y
1000 N. Walnut Street
Wilmington, DE 19801


Featured Speakers

Jacqueline Means Jacqueline Means aka “The STEM Queen” 

Jacqueline grew up in the Southbridge,Wilmington, Delaware where more than 60% of teens do not have a high school diploma. She realized students in her area often do not have the positive role models, resources, or opportunities other kids living in different areas are offered. She noticed a lack of programs geared towards science, technology, engineering, and math, or STEM, and She decided to do something about it: I founded the Wilmington Urban STEM Initiative. Ms. Means is 17 years old. 

Ms. Means believes that STEM skills are necessary to thrive in the 21st century, making it imperative that today’s youth is capable and prepared to live in the inevitable STEM-forward future. She noticed that studies show that girls are less likely to participate in activities involving STEM and computational thinking. To encourage girls to get involved with STEM and not be intimidated by it, she started hosting Girls Empowerment STEM events to equip them with the knowledge and confidence that they, as females, can succeed in the STEM field.

Ms. Means has been featured on Access Hollywood, The Steve Harvey Show, The Today Show, and The Q. She has presented a TED X talk as well as profiles and interviews on Now This and InFocus as well as in Delaware Today, Technically, as well as many other publications and awards.

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Jeanette Davis, Ph.D.

Dr. Jalaal A. Hayes aka as "Dr. JAH"

In 2015, Dr. Jalaal became the youngest Ph.D. in Applied Chemistry in America. Dr. JAH is a creative, resourceful, and flexible individual that aims to help students and educators to engage in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) with the integration of the arts (STEAM) disciplines and facilitate the learning of each discipline.

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Jeanette Davis, Ph.D.

A dynamic author, researcher, and advocate, Dr. Jeanette Davis has left her mark far beyond the field of science. Currently, Davis works as a Marine Microbiologist who serves as an Ocean Policy Advisor in a federal agency, conducting research and providing support on programs and policies regarding resources in the ocean. Dr. Davis earned her B.S. in Marine and Environmental Science from Hampton University and a Ph.D. in Marine Microbiology from the University of Maryland, College Park. Dr. Davis contributes to ocean science nationally and internationally. Her notable accomplishments have led her to be featured in several prominent magazines such as Ebony, Essence, and Black Enterprise as the "next great marine biologist." She is a strong advocate of community and has mentored students from elementary to college, lectured at several colleges, and has awarded scholarships to African American students in her hometown of Wilmington, Delaware. Dr. Davis has, and continues to be, an inspirational figure for science-lovers of all ages. 

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  1. Sat Feb. 1

    Black History Month: A Celebration of African American Innovators Join us for a fun hands-on celebration of African-American Innovators! A celebration that includes a formal program with live performances as well as Historical displays, and hands-on STEM activities. Complimentary lunch will be served following the program. Registration suggested. All ages.
  2. Sat Feb. 1

    Black History Month: African Americans and the Civil War Learn about the challenges African Americans faced as soldiers fighting for the Union cause during the Civil War. Presented by Kathy Trusty, DeHumanities.org. All ages.
  3. Tue Feb. 4

    Black History Month: Rosa Parks' Birthday Party Participate in Rosa Parks’ birthday celebrating her life and determination.
  4. Tue Feb. 4

    Black History Month: African Americans and the Civil War Attend a presentation on African Americans, free and enslaved and their role in the Civil War. It examines the challenges they faced and puts a face to soldiers who fought valiantly for the Union cause and freedom. All ages.
  5. Tue Feb. 4

    Black History Month: Black Delaware Participation in the Civil War Ronald Whittington, DeHumanities.org, presents a first-person portrayal of William Owen, a free black man from Milford, and his part fighting in the Civil War. Adults.
  6. Wed Feb. 5

    Black History Month Movie Matinee Experience award-nominated documentary films and biopics in a weekly double-feature up on the big screen. Refreshments. Call for titles or see the Info Desk.
  7. Wed Feb. 5

    Black History Month Movie Matinee Experience award-nominated documentary films and biopics in a weekly double-feature up on the big screen. Refreshments. Call for titles or see the Info Desk.
  8. Wed Feb. 5

    Black History Month: Family Story Time Bring the whole family to a special story time featuring books, music and activities that celebrate African-American culture and history. Ages Birth-7.
  9. Wed Feb. 5

    Black History Month: Tracing Your African-American Roots Discover resources for researching your family history and genealogy. Presented by Delaware Chapter Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society
  10. Sat Feb. 8

    Black History Month: The Life and Impact of Jackie Robinson In the spring of 1947, Jackie Robinson played his first game with the Brooklyn Dodgers, breaking down Major Leagues Baseball’s decades-old color line and changing the face of the game forever. The program gives the audience an intimate look at Robinson and the impact he has had on society and today’s culture. Teens/Adults.
  11. Sat Feb. 8

    Black History Month: The Language of Quilts: Harriet Tubman, Delaware and the Underground Railroad Discover how secret messages in the form of quilt patterns helped slaves escape captivity before and during the Civil War. Includes an interactive participatory activity for children. Presented by historian Barbara Cumberbatch-Harris. All ages.
  12. Sun Feb. 9

    Black History Month: Cold War Comes to Route 40 In the Jim Crow era, African diplomats traveling between New York and Washington faced discrimination which led to local and international tensions threatening our diplomacy and national security. Historian Mike Dixon tells of Pres. Kennedy, Maryland and New Castle County, all thrust into the world news spotlight.
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