Executive Office Staff


Name Title Email Phone
Meyer, Matt County Executive 302-395-5101
Sacco, Maria Executive Assistant to County Executive 302-395-5101
Duncan, Charles Executive Assistant to County Executive 302-395-5101
Phillips, Vanessa Chief Administrative Officer 302-395-5180
Herbert, Jacquelyn Executive Assistant to the CAO 302-395-5109
Almond, Aundrea Chief of Staff 302-395-5101
Boyle, Brian Senior Policy Director 302-395-5124
Dunn, Kenny Director of Constituent Services 302-395-5112
Gibson, Jessica Public Relations Officer 302-395-5052
Grantham, Kyle Director, NCCTV 302-395-5108
Miller, Jason Communications Director 302-395-5107
Moore, Susan Policy Advisor 302-395-5117
Morris, Tamarra Director of Economic Development 302-395-5959
Bond, Vaughn Chief of Police 302-395-8010
Dulin, Carol County Attorney 302-395-5130
Gregor, David Chief Financial Officer 302-323-2600
Hall, Rich Land Use General Manager 302-395-5400
Henry, Marcus Community Services General Manager 302-395-5613
Hojnicki, Michael Chief of Technology & Administrative Services 302-395-5250
Miller, Jeff Chief of Emergency Communications 302-395-2800
Surles, Tracy Public Works General Manager 302-395-5700
Tan, Larry Chief of Emergency Medical Services 302-395-8184