What happens if I die without a will?
If you die without a will or your will is rejected, your estate is considered to be intestate. Intestate estates are divided among the decedent's spouse and other heirs according to Delaware's laws. For more information, please refer to page three of our Your Will and the Delaware Probate Code Brochure.

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1. What does the Register of Wills Office do?
2. How do I see the will of someone who died in Kent or Sussex County?
3. What is considered Next-of-kin?
4. If I put my will in for safekeeping at your office, can other people see it?
5. What is the format of your records?
6. How can I get a Power of Attorney?
7. Are your records available on the internet?
8. A person who died owed me money. How do I file a claim against the estate?
9. What is an estate?
10. How far back do your records go?
11. Do you have estate records for the entire state?
12. A relative of mine recently passed away. How can I find out when the estate is opened?
13. How can I get a copy of a death certificate?
14. Who do I contact regarding estate or inheritance taxes?
15. How do I get copies of wills, etc. from the Register of Wills Office?
16. Who can get copies from an estate file?
17. Who distributes my inheritance?
18. If someone is named as executor in the will, does that person still need to go to the Register of Wills Office?
19. Who is in charge of submitting the necessary paperwork to begin the probate process?
20. How does the personal representative get the authority to conduct business?
21. What if the personal representative (executor) does not wish to serve?
22. What if the named personal representative wishes to be removed after being appointed?
23. What are the duties of a personal representative?
24. What if I am not satisfied with the way the personal representative is performing his or her duties?
25. How does being a felon effect my ability to be a personal representative?
26. When is it necessary to probate an estate?
27. What is the procedure to probate an estate with a will?
28. What are the steps involved in the probate process?
29. Who is in charge of submitting the necessary paperwork involved in the probate process?
30. How does a deed for inherited real estate get transferred?
31. What if the only property was jointly owned?
32. What if the only asset was a motor vehicle?
33. What is a small estate affidavit and how can I get one?
34. What is a will?
35. Where should I keep my will?
36. Can I leave instructions about my funeral?
37. What happens to your will after you die?
38. What happens if I die without a will?
39. If the decedent didn't have any assets does the will still have to be filed?
40. How do I make a living will?
41. What is a trust?
42. Can a will be filed with the Register of Wills Office before death?
43. Who can withdraw a will once it has been placed in safekeeping at the New Castle County Register of Wills Office?
44. Should I have a will?
45. Can the Register of Wills Office prepare my will for me?
46. What should I do to prepare to make my will?
47. What makes a will valid?
48. Is a will made in another state valid in Delaware?
49. Are holographic wills (written entirely in the testator's handwriting) legal in Delaware?
50. What makes a will proven?
51. Can I change my will?