What is a tax parcel number?
All parcels in New Castle County have a unique ten digit tax parcel number. The number identifies the location of the parcel on tax assessment maps. The first 2 digits identify the “hundred” or the incorporated area. The next 3 three digits identify the map within the district. If the following 2 digits are not 00, then the map is divided into subsections. For example 11.017-40.001 would direct you to map 11, sub-map 17.4. The final three digits are the number for the individual parcel on that particular map.

Below is the list of the first 2 digits currently in use and their geographic locations:
Unincorporated Areas*
06 – Brandywine Hundred (unincorporated)
07 – Christiana Hundred (unincorporated)
08 – Mill Creek Hundred (unincorporated)
09 – White Clay Creek Hundred (unincorporated)
10 – New Castle Hundred (unincorporated)
11 – Pencader Hundred (unincorporated)
12 – Red Lion Hundred (unincorporated)
13 – St. Georges Hundred (unincorporated)
14 – Appoquinimink Hundred (unincorporated)
15 – Blackbird Hundred (unincorporated)
* New Castle County is the local governing body for government services in these areas.

Towns and Cities that are Incorporated**
16 – Arden (incorporated)
17 – Bellefonte (incorporated)
18 – Newark (incorporated)
19 – Elsmere (incorporated)
20 – Newport (incorporated)
21 – City of New Castle (incorporated)
22 – Delaware City (incorporated)
23 – Middletown (incorporated)
24 – Odessa (incorporated)
25 – Townsend (incorporated)
26 – Wilmington (incorporated)
27 – Ardentown (incorporated)
28 – Smyrna (incorporated) – Smyrna lies in both New Castle and Kent Counties
29 – Ardencroft (incorporated)
30 – Clayton (incorporated) – Clayton lies in both New Castle and Kent Counties
** Not all jurisdictions have the same range of city services. You should check with the town/city to determine whether the service you seek is handled by them or by New Castle County.

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