What types of animals cannot be kept as pets in residential neighborhoods?
The following animals are prohibited on any parcel of land that is in a residential district and less than one acre in total, any diversified planning unit development or in an MM zoned district:
(Chapter 4, Section 04.02.004 of the New Castle County Code)
Cattle, poultry, sheep, goats, pigs, ducks, geese, waterfowl, guinea hens, chickens, turkeys, donkeys, quail, doves, llamas, raccoons, muskrats, non-domesticated mammals, game fowl, pigeons, pheasants, peacocks, foxes, minks, exotic animals, wild animals, game animals and other like animals. It is unlawful for any owner, tenant or other person in control of a property to raise, breed, keep, shelter or harbor any of the above.

This section shall not apply to the keeping, sheltering or harboring of animals in connection with bona fide educational programs run or overseen by a public or private elementary, middle or secondary school or a college or university or the Delaware Cooperative Extension Education Program, the 4-H or the Newark Pigeon Club, Wilmington Homing Club or
the Delmarva Pigeon Club.

For information about horses and stables, please see the FAQs on personal and commercial stables.

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