What are the regulations for running a bed-and-breakfast?
Bed and Breakfast (NAICS 721191) Article 33 – General Definitions:
- The owner must live in the B&B as their principal place of residence.
- There can be no more than eight guestrooms, or suites of rooms.
- The guestrooms can be occupied only by the general public and for a limited time.
- Only the guests can be served meals at the B&B.
- No meals may be sold to persons other than such guests.
NCC Code, Section 40.03.315 BED AND BREAKFAST:
- Must be located in a single-family dwelling having a minimum floor area of 3,000 square feet.
- Minimum lot size is 15,000 square feet.
- Minimum required open space is 50%.
- On lots of at least 5 acres, guestrooms may also be located in an accessory structure
- Accessory Building or Structure: a building or structure detached from a principal
building, located on the same lot and clearly incidental to the main building.
- Signs are limited to 5 square feet in area. The signs must be constructed of wood or other durable non-plastic material.
- Parking must be off-street and screened from adjoining land uses by hedges and canopy trees. The Department may, however, permit on-street parking should it be determined that the street can accommodate the parking and the provision of off-street parking would be detrimental to the area’s appearance.

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