How does my library card work?
Library Card Privileges

The library must have current, accurate contact information for all library patrons. Required ID is an official photo ID with the current address such as a Delaware Driver's License or Delaware State ID. Patrons who use a photo ID without address or whose address has changed must show a second official ID with the correct address (see list below).

Library cards are free for anyone living in Delaware. Non-residents of Delaware can obtain a New Castle County Library card for a fee of $40.00 per year.

All borrowers are responsible for:

- Material charged to their card
- Presenting a library card each time material is borrowed
- Reporting a lost or stolen card immediately to the library. The borrower is responsible for any item charged to their card until the loss is reported to the library. Do not lend your card to others.
- Informing the library of a change of address, phone number, or e-mail immediately.
- Paying all charges for overdue, lost, or damaged materials.
- Providing photo identification when requesting their PIN
- Observing all library policies

Parents or guardians are responsible for materials, fines, and fees charged to their child's library card while the child is a minor in perpetuity.

New Borrower Cards

To encourage responsible use of the library, timely return of library materials, and payment of library fines and fees, the New Castle County Libraries will issue a library card to new borrowers with restricted parameters for checking out materials and requesting materials for a period of six months from date of issue. This will enable the new borrower to develop good library habits and learn the policies and procedures of being a responsible library patron. New Borrower’s Cards will be issued to adults and minors, residents and non-residents.

The patron who checks out library materials is responsible for the return of those materials on time as well as for any costs associated with the damage or loss of library materials. Restricting the amount of materials that may be borrowed at one time will help new library patrons to develop good habits including timely return of materials and prompt payment of any costs associated with their library account.

The borrowing parameters for a New Borrower’s Card are:

- Limit of 12 items checked out at any one time
Only 3 of those 12 items may be DVDs
Only 3 of those 12 items may be books on cassette or CD
Only 3 of those 12 items may be music CDs
Only 1 of those 12 items may be an MP3 Playaway or Walk-In Collection item
- A limit of 5 items on hold request
- The New Borrower’s Card will expire six months from date of issue. If the card is in good standing, with no fines due and no currently lost items, the card is updated to a Regular Borrower’s Card with full borrowing privileges after the borrower shows proof of current address.

Annual Renewal

All New Castle County Library cards expire annually and must be renewed. At the time of renewal, there will be an address check requiring valid photo ID with the borrower's current address. A borrower with accumulated fines/fees more than a year old must pay the amount owed in full (down to a zero balance) during the renewal process, regardless of the amount owed.

Acceptable Forms of Photo ID

- Driver’s License
- State ID
- School ID
- Work ID
- Passport
- BJs / Costco Card Military ID

Acceptable Forms of Address Verification

- Bill dated within 60 days (electric, cell, cable, phone, credit card, trash, water, sewer, mortgage, bank statement)
- Lease
- Pay stub with address
- Checks imprinted with address
- Car Registration
- Voter Registration

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