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Community Resources Program Submission Form

  1. Use this form to submit a program or event to the Media Office after your program/event is fully developed and approved by your supervisor.
    This form will be used to create promotion for the program including web calendars, social media, and inclusion in the Happenings weekly email blast and other promotions. When there is an information change please submit a new form.
  2. Timeline
    We need at least two weeks to promote a program or event, four to six weeks if you need any printed materials, and eight to ten weeks or more for very large events. For seasonal programs the timeline may be pushed up – for instance, holiday events are usually needed by mid-October for inclusion in free newspaper calendars and other regional promotion.
  3. What date are you submitting this form?
  4. Is this a change? *
    Have you submitted this program before and this is a change?
  5. Who is the main point of contact for information regarding this program?
  6. What is the title of the program?
  7. Where is the program/event happening?
  8. Describe the program as you would like it to be presented to the public including age restrictions, special information (such as COVID19 precautions), materials needed, etc. This should be the same description that appears in ActiveNet if applicable. If this is a series of programs/events list a description for each episode/concert/program.
  9. How much does it cost to participate in this program/event? Include both resident and non-resident fees if applicable.
  10. If this program is a part of a partnership or grant please list information if it is in partnership with any other organization or presented due to a grant award. If there are specific sponsors or if the grant includes any specific attribution requirements, please provide the correct wording for credit.
  11. List registration links from ActiveNet or Eventbrite, or link to other method of registering attendees if applicable?
  12. Please upload any images provides by service providers, speakers, etc. for this program/event and sponsorship logos if applicable. Please attach images to the email (image files should be PNG or JPG).
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