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Glasgow Park Frazer House and Bank Barn Rental Request Inquiry Form

  1. Please use this form to request a rental space at the Frazer House or Bank Barn at Glasgow Park. 

    Meeting space is available upon request with an approved reservation/permit. Please call 302-239-8861 with any questions. 

    Reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis and are not confirmed until a permit is issued.  

    • Usage of Glasgow Park Frazer House or bank barn is strictly meetings, or non-profit organizations (501c3)

    • No vending is permitted and no charges or fees may be levied while using the Glasgow Park Frazer House

    • New Castle County Government reserves the Right to Cancel the Usage of Glasgow Park Frazer House at any time if needed for County usage.

  2. Rooms requested*
  3. How many people will be attending this meeting or event?

  4. Additional Information
    1. No smoking in Building or on Glasgow Park premises ~ Tobacco-free campus.

    2. No pets (Service Animals permitted) in Building or on Glasgow Park Frazer House premises.

    3. Alcoholic beverages or illegal substances are prohibited on County premises.

    4. Permitted organization/group responsible for all set-up/break-down and clean-up of the facility, including trash removal and returning all furniture to its original location as posted diagram shows.  Failure to do so may cause forfeiture of the security deposit.

    5. Any literature and/or decorations must be properly disposed of prior to leaving the facility.

    6. The facility is permitted on an “as is” basis.  New Castle County provides no additional equipment or services other than what is already in the facility.  The permittee will be held liable and billed accordingly for restoration charges if damage or losses occur to County property as a result of permitted use, especially if undisclosed activities are responsible.

    7. A “Hold Harmless Agreement” must be signed and returned with the application.

    8. Building total attendance capacity limited to Fire Marshall Occupancy of 49 people. 

    9. No Sunday Rentals.

    Failure to adhere to terms of use/occupancy will result in revocation of Organization/Group facility privileges.

  5. Thank you for your inquiry. Will will be in contact with you soon to go over the details.

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