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Vacant Property Registration Form for a Bank-Owned Property

  1. Instructions
    Please complete and submit in accordance with New Castle County Code, Chapter 7 ("Property Maintenance Code"), Article 2 ("Registration and Payment of Fees for Vacant Premises"). If applicable, please include up to 2 contacts (other than the Lender) which are servicing and/or maintaining the property. Please be advised that the contacts listed below are the only contacts that Code Enforcement will communicate with regarding the property. Any inquiries received from agencies or persons other than those listed below will be referred back to these contacts. There is no fee required to register.
  2. To register additional properties, please submit additional forms.
    Note: If there is a change to any of the contact information provided above (such as property owner, servicer or vacancy status), notification to the Office of Code Enforcement is required within 30 days.
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