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Stormwater Management Maintenance Organization Registration

  1. A maintenance organization must register and file an annual stormwater management facility inspection and maintenance log with the Department of Public Works to qualify for financial assistance for major repairs, subject to the availability of funds, as set forth in Section 40.27.520 and Chapter 12, Article 6.

    By submitting this form, I acknowledge that, all registered maintenance organizations created for the purpose of maintaining common facilities located in residential subdivisions are required to perform minor maintenance (grass mowing and trimming, debris removal, minor sediment removal, fill all eroded areas and animal burrows, and removal of trees or shrubs on embankments) and inspections on their stormwater management facilities as required by Chapter 12, Article 6 of the New Castle County Code in order to qualify for financial assistance from New Castle County for major maintenance and repairs of stormwater management facilities, subject to the availability of funds. I further acknowledge that failure to perform required maintenance could result in corrective action by the county and imposition of a lien as set forth in Section 40.27.520 or its predecessor or any recorded maintenance declaration and ineligibility for county financial assistance unless and until all required inspections and minor maintenance are up to date.

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