County Council


800 N. French St.
Eighth Floor
Wilmington, DE 19801


302-395-8385 or 302-395-8386

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Barlow, Karen Legislative Assistant to Councilman Bell 302-395-8372  
Bell, Bill Councilman, District 12 302-395-8352  
Carter, David Councilman, 6th District 302-395-8346  
Cartier, John Councilman, District 8 302-395-8348  
Counihan, Christopher Legislative Assistant to Councilperson Durham 302-395-8362  
deFiore, Anthony Legislative Assistant to Councilwoman Kilpatrick 302-395-8363  
Diller, Lisa Councilwoman, District 5 302-395-8345  
Durham, Dee Councilperson, 2nd District 302-395-8342  
Finnigan, Tara Deputy Clerk of Council 302-395-8390  
George, Valerie Legislative Assistant to Councilman Tackett 302-395-8371  
Gildea, Michele Legislative Assistant to Councilman John Cartier 302-395-8368  
Harris, Kathy Receptionist 302-395-8383  
Hartley-Nagle, Karen Council President 302-395-8340  
Hill, Nellie Clerk of Council 302-395-8388  
Hollins, Penrose Councilman, District 4 302-395-8344  
Jackson, Charneece Legislative Assistant to Councilman Street 302-395-8370  
Jackson, Linwood Legislative Aide to President Hartley-Nagle 302-395-8360  
Kilpatrick, Janet Councilwoman, District 3 302-395-8343  
Migliore, Michael Counsel to Council 302-395-8389  
Murphy-Dichiaro, Marylee Legislative Assistant to Councilwoman Diller 302-395-8365  
Rodriguez, Matthew Legislative Assistant to Councilman Woods 302-395-8361  
Rodriguez, Michael Legislative Assistant to Councilman Sheldon 302-395-8369  
Roberts, Christine Legislative Assistant to Councilman Smiley 302-395-8367  
Sheldon, Timothy Councilman, District 9 302-395-8349  
Smiley, George Councilman, District 7 302-395-8347  
Street, Jea Councilman, District 10 302-395-8350  
Tackett, David Councilman, District 11 302-395-8351  
Traylor, NiQue' Legislative Assistant to Councilman Hollins 302-395-8364  
Wasserbach, Robert County Auditor 302-395-5279  
Woods, Kenneth Councilman, District 1 302-395-8341  
Zara, Rachel Legislative Assistant to Councilman Carter 302-395-8366